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Orthodox Christian Resources

Orthhodox Faith
A popular presentation of Orthodox Christianity and Orthodox Faith
Liturgical life
Liturgy as the center of the orthodox life
  • Church Etiquette - A series of lessons (7 lessons) about church etiquette and behavior in the church
  • Why we stand? - An article explaning the reason why orthodox christians stay in the chuch during the service
  • Prosphora - Prosfora - Altar bread - as our life offerring to our God (prosphora baking recipes
Page for Kids
Mustard seed - a resource for Chrisitan education of kids (5-12 yeasr old)
Orthodox links
Links to official sites of Archdioceses and Patriarchates in the United states of America and abroad, Monasteries. Other Orthodox resources, such as International Orthodox portals to the web, radio stations, bookstores, and factories of Orthodox liturgical items.
Contact us
Contact form and email contact - Church counsil and priest emergency contact
Driving directions to the church powered by Goodle Maps
Resource for Russian speaking people

About St. Mark Orthodox Christian Church

St. Mark Orthodox Christian Church web site home page
About our church
About St. Mark Orthodox Church - Activities and History Overview
  • About our priest - Biography of Father John Chudik, priest of St. Mark Orthodox Church
  • Church Floor Plan - Church construction and interior overview
  • Iconostasis - Iconostasis of St. Mark Orhodox Church & icon Icon gallery
News and events
News and events planned in St. Mark Orthodox Church, Bradenton, Florida
Calendar of events
Monthly church services and events calendar
Our Ministries
Information about special church services, christian education, sunday school, community outreach, social events, cultural education
  • Christian Education - Instruction for adults and Sunday school classes overview
  • Project Mexico - St. Mark Orthodox Church involvment in home construction for poor families in Mexico and support of St. Innocent Orphanage (Mexico)
Support us
A page for those who want to support St. Mark Orthodox church in the Church construction completion
  • Sponsor Church items - Support St. Mark Orthodox Chuch by "sponsoring" church Liturgical Items
  • Adopt a Tree - A Program in support of church Landscaping project
  • Fundraising Opportunities - Fundraising initiatives and ideas, such as scrip program, St. Mark Travel web site, and Good Search
  • Our Supporters - Dedicated to those who support our church and would like to place an ad
Order a Prayer
Online form to order a prayer for loved one