Project Mexico

Since 1988, Project Mexico has been involving young people in the alleviation of suffering by building homes for Mexico's poor.

In 1996 our outreach expanded through the opening of St. Innocent Orthodox Orphanage in Tijuana which provides a home for teenaged boys who live on the streets or who have been put out of other orphanages and would otherwise be left to fend for themselves.

Fr. John and Florida representatives (Robert K. Willam D. and Paul G.”) with the new home owners: Alejandro, Reine and their children



Utilizing all volunteer labor, Project Mexico builds solid stucco homes with concrete floors for the poorest families in Tijuana, Mexico.

Since June 2003, Fr. John worked as a member of "Project Mexico" team. He assisted with building the new homes for a needy Mexican families and spent time with the residents of St. Innocent Orphanage.


We are planning for many future visits to the St. Innocent Orphanage and participate in building more new homes and relationships with the people of Project Mexico.


Our church sponsors boys from the St. Innocent Orphange.



Project Mexico



Fr. John - fastening the chicken wire/tar paper to the house frame. This is done to prepare the building for stucco.



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