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Orthodox Saints and Orthodox Places of Pilgrimage

The content of this page is still under construction. However, you can find articles about spiritual treasures of Orthodox Church such as Miracle-Working icons of the Mother of God Kurskaya and Tichvinskaya as well as pilgrimage to the Basilica of St. Nicholas the wonderworker in Bari (Italy).
From travel notes about churches and ancient Monasterites of Montengro you will find out about saints of Serbia and Montenegro: Basil of Ostrog, Petr of Cetinje, and relics of John the Baptist.

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Visitiing Monasteries and churches of Montenegro (July, 2012)

Also in Russian



Pilgrimage to St. Nicholas Basilica in Bari Itally



History of the Miracle-Working Icon of the Mother Of God Tikhvinskaya



Visit of the Miracle-Working icon of the Mother of God Kurskaya Korennaya

(February 2, 2010)