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Orthodox Terminology

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Aramaic for "Father". It occurs three times in the NT: Mk 14:36, Rom. 8:15, Gal. 4:6, in each case with its Greek equivalent ("Abba, Father")
AER (sl. Vozdukh)
A large veil (usually of the same material as the priest's vestments) for covering the chalice and the paten during the celebration of Divine Liturgy.
Agnets (lamb)
The sacrificial lamb in the Old Testament. Symbolically Christ was called the "Lamb of God, which taketh away the sin of the world." (Jn. 1:29). Accordingly in the Orthodox Church, the name agnets, is attributed to our Lord Jesus Christ in the Eucharist and that part of the holy bread that is designated for the mystical transformation into the body of Christ.
The Akathist Hymn (in Greek, Aκάθιστο Yμνος, - unseated hymn) is an Orthodox Christian prayer service dedicated to Jesus Christ , Mother of God, a saint, or a holy event during which people should stay.
ALB - (sl. Podriznik)
A white or colored vestment reaching from the neck to the ankles, with sleeves, worn by the priest under the chasuble during the Liturgy.
In Hebrew, "a place of sacrifice" - (Greek. hieron; Sl. prestol). Signifies the area of the sanctuary divided from the rest of the church by the iconostasis. the Holy Mysteries are celebrated and the Body and Blood of Christ is reserved in the tabernacle on the holy altar table.
One show believes in Jesus Christ and emulates His life
The People of God and the body of Christ
Derived from the Latin word credo, meaning I BELIEVE
In Hebrew, "God with us", Jesus Christ is the fulfillment of this Old Testament title
Literally means "the action of taken on the flesh." By dissecting this word, its meaning becomes clear: IN = to take up; to be put into CARN = flesh ACTION = the action of
Is derived from the Greek word leitourgia which means common or collective action. Liturgy refers to any and all worship services
Correct or right belief, doctrine, vision
Is actually made up of two separate words: TRI = thee NITY = unity
Common action s Orthodox Christians