Christian Education

Instruction Classes for adults


The intent of Christian Education classes is to familiarize those who are "un-Churched", meaning those who have sought out the Orthodox Church later in life, those who have grown up in the Church but have received little education about their Faith as well as those who may have an interest in what the Orthodox Faith has to offer to their own spiritual growth and development.


Discussing the fundamental elements that comprise Orthodox Christian life history.


We will examine the "basic" elements that comprise Orthodox Christian life: history (Christ and the early Christian Church, the mission of the Apostles, world Orthodoxy today), Scripture and Tradition (which includes the saints, Councils, etc.), Liturgical life (to include architecture, types of worship, iconography, feast days and the calendar, clergy and laity, Sacraments), Prayer (liturgical, corporal, personal, intercessory, petitions, supplications, meditation).



Through reading, demonstration and discussion one may be able to be more comfortable articulating more thoughtful answers to the following fundamental questions others may have concerning Orthodox Christian life:

  • Where does Orthodox Christianity come from?
  • When did the Orthodox Church begin?
  • What does an Orthodox Christian believe and profess about Jesus Christ and the Church?
  • Who are the primary influences or who has shaped Orthodox Christian life as we know it today?
  • How does someone become an Orthodox Christian today?


Bibles will be helpful when discussing specific references.

We have small groups that meet in Church on Wednesday evening after prayer service.



Sunday School
for Kids


Is offered every Sunday immediately after Divine Liturgy.


Classes are offered for kids

of different ages.