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REVIVING the SCRIP program

  As we prepare for the upcoming holidays, this is the perfect way for EVERYONE to support the church. No selling, no extra spending!

Go to to find out HOW this program works. There's a phone number 1-864-886-9701.

Visit a List of Retailers page at

Have more questions? Diane Mitrovich may be able to help you since we've done this before.
We all eat, some eat out, some get gasoline and auto care. Some travel, give gifts, go to movie theaters. Please consider this way of shopping for food, clothes, and much more! God bless you!

St. Mark Church Anniversary T-Shirts

St Mark Anniversary T-shirts are available for $10/each.

St. Mark church t-shirt

St. Mark Anniversary T-shirts with a new church logo designed by Michael Winters.

Wearing our church t-shirts during various social events and volunteer services will give you a sense of team work and can be a unique way to share a story about your Church and your Faith.


Preparing for 40th Anniversary Celebration


View video that was made for the 35th Anniversary of our church:






SPONSOR our weekly bulletin ($25)! Please speak to Subdeacon James.