Church News and Events

Yard Sale Fundraiser - December 14

While we are planning this event (storage, schedule, and etc.), you may want to revise your garage, closets, and so on and think about items you want to donate . The Pod will be available starting Tuesday, November 5. If you wish to bring items during the week, please contact Sbdcn, James or a Council member so that someone can be here to unlock the Pod. If you have a particular price in mind for your item, please mark as such. Any unsold items are the responsibility of the original owner.

Big Baker's Dozen Cookie sale (December 14, 15)

Parishioners are asked to bake at least 100 cookies. A sign-up sheet is posted in the Narthex for each baker to fill in. On December 13, everyone will get together to pack the cookies. They will be sold at the yard sale on December 14 as well as after Liturgy on Sunday, December 15. Council members will have order forms as well as one being posted in the Narthex.

Anniversary Commemorative Book

We have extended the deadline for purchasing an ad in the 40th Anniversary Commemorative Book to Sunday, June 23. If you have not yet purchased an ad, please see Willard immediately after Liturgy

Church Bulletin

SPONSOR our weekly bulletin ($25)! Please speak to Subdeacon James.

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