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Church Etiquette (Lesson 2)

The things that Miss Manners Left Out

"Pick a little, talk a little... "


Isn't it great to see friends and family in church? Just wait until fellowship time to get the latest news from them. It is not necessary to have a “receiving line” form as you enter church and take your place, especially if services have already started.

Besides being disrespectful toward God, it is rude toward the other people in church who are trying to worship. Refraining from talking doesn't mean that you should write and pass notes during services. This behavior is more reminiscent of grade school, not church.

Try talking to God while in church through your prayers, hymns and thanksgiving and talk to your friends and meet the guests and visitors afterwards during fellowship time.

"Blot that Lipstick!"

Have you ever looked at an icon in just the right light and seen the lip prints all over it? It's really disgusting, isn't it? In fact, its downright gross. Lipstick may look great on lips, but looks really out of place and nasty on icons, crosses, the communion spoon, the chalice and the priest's or bishop's hand.

Icons have been ruined by lipstick; and even though crosses, chalices and hands can be cleaned after everyone venerates them, it just isn't polite to impose your lipstick on them (especially if it is not their color). What is the answer? If you choose to wear lipstick to church, blot your lips well before.

venerating an icon, taking communion, kissing the cross or the priest's or bishop's hand. Or simply wait until you leave church to put it on.

After all God is not impressed with how good your make-up looks externally, but is more concerned with “makes-up your inside.”

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