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About St. Mark Orthodox Church

picture of St.Mark orthodox church

St. Mark Church began life as an Orthodox mission of the Diocese of the South in Sarasota-Bradenton in 1979. With much dedication and sacrifice, the community developed into a parish church in 1998. It now serves many throughout Bradenton, Sarasota, Sun City, and the surrounding areas.

We invite you to participate in our continued growth. We at St. Mark are committed to Christ, centered teachings as revealed through Scripture and Apostolic tradition.

Our Mission

As members of the living body of Christ, we strive to actualize the message of Jesus Christ as revealed to us in Holy Scripture and Holy Tradition through worship, stewardship, fellowship, and discipleship.

Our Vision

We seek to be a loving, evangelical Christian community that attends to the needs of its faithful as well as outreach to our "neighbor".

Values for our Church:

  • Caring and Compassion
  • Teamwork and Trust
  • Mutual Respect and Recognition
  • Humility and Service
  • Financial Responsibility and Christian Behavior

We are committed:

  • To giving of our time, talents and treasure
  • To bear witness to the Gospel of Christ to those willing to receive it.
  • To actually cooperate in the mission of this community through the selfless giving of our time.
  • To participate in the Holy Sacraments of the Church.
  • To support the leadership of this community.
  • To contribute toward the financial stability of this Community, the Diocese and the Orthodox Church in America.