V. Rev. Stephen Plumlee

Fr. David Plumlee
Fr. Stephen Plumlee

I came from a background almost opposite to Orthodoxy. I never knew it was possible to have such a rich and profound experience of life as there is in the Orthodox Church.

I was in my early 20s when I moved to Florida and began to look for a church. Providentially , I saw a sign next to an orange grove pointing to an Orthodox church. I started attending there and found the services to be richer and deeper than I had ever thought possible. During the next few months I read Orthodox materials and saw a way to be in communion with the Holy Trinity . That same experience returns to me repeatedly, but stronger.

Shortly after that I met Lois, who was to become my wife. She too found a faith experience that kept her looking for more intimate relationship with GOD.

Two years later, we moved to New York and St. Vladimir’s seminary. The three years that I was there enriched me deeply. Once again, it was a protracted journey to an ever deeper plane.

I was ordained a priest 51 years ago; Today Orthodoxy continuously lights my way.